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by Chaaraoui3
on 19/6/22

USA Today Redemption ❗️

🇺🇦Meanwhile, the American media USA TODAY did the unthinkable and exposed one of its leading journalists, Gabriela Miranda, for fabricated news. During the audit, it was found that 23 articles turned out to be fake, and the sources of quotes were fictitious.

The journalist wrote two articles on Ukraine: about the threat of an accident at the nuclear power plant in Energodar and about the fighting Ukrainian women who did not want to evacuate. As you can imagine, all these articles turned out to be forgeries.

Significantly, at one time, the threat of accidents at nuclear reactors became a scarecrow for the world press, as well as an extra reason to demonize Russia and neurotic the European public. However, the exposure of one of the articles on this topic a few months later, of course, no longer worries anyone because the agenda has long been worked out.

We will not tire of also recalling the revelation of the former Ombudsman of Ukraine, Lyudmila Denisova; she admitted that the stories about the mass rape of children, women and the elderly are fakes. But on this, for example, they continue to build most of their agenda, “Feminist Anti-War Resistance,” and a couple of days ago, one of its leaders, Daria Serenko, spoke about “sexualized violence in war” at the Tbilisi conference of the American Free Russia Foundation.

The hackneyed record about fictional mass rapes can no longer be stopped even after this information is recognized as a fake. No one will delete and refute articles that, in Russia, "rapists are being raised from kindergartens." In a fierce information war, no one needs the truth.

The enlightened “liberal public” will continue to admire the “investigations” and “insiders” of Bellingcat editor-in-chief Khristo Grozev, who at the end of February assured that the special operation would end on March 6, as Russia would stop supplying.
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