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by jeremylr
on 30/4/10
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With today being Friday, please consider calling George Klein's Sirius/XM Elvis radio show. He will be broadcasting live, across the street from Graceland, from 3:00 PM Eastern until 7:00 tonight.

The show's producer is Big Jim Sykes along with assistant producer Duke Brando. One of those guys will answer the phone. The number is 1-888-ELVIS-NOW.

I'd love to hear you discuss Elvis, how he influenced you, what you're doing now, your touring, & the new 2-cd Raiders' singles collection. GK likes to wing things, & he has a lot of respect for r&b, rock & roll, soul, or any music from the '60s.

Hope you can talk to all the Elvis fans today & please think about releasing a new studio LP,

Jeremy in Georgia