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Luka Afansy Gagarin, #3 January 23, 2054

While reading the "paper": tablet version; remarks were made. "I can NOT believe these suicide statistics. I mean, just look at this, 6.89% of humans that were conceived between 2012 & 2040 will be attempting suicide @ some point #B4 we have enough monthly vaccinatory inoculants 2 get every other 2 feel like the popcelebs "feel". "Everyone will get their 15 months of famous not er iety or being in the inner circle's meetings or being viewed 4 the reason they're being viewed. So just change that d-spare into d-lite!" "Buh what I really mean is that there is not a single statistic published from this channel-source that makes me feel the way I expect 2 feel when I read the title! -- How can the minute level of consideration they have 4 their most; honestly-the-most; loyal devotee 2 their writings make it's way up or down the chain of cmd? Do they expect me 2 read these articles without a tip of the scales in my direction?.... " searching. "With titles like: how 2 take care of your kids & children... Where 2 go 2 vote... Why your voice matters. It's like they're trying 2 frustrate me. It's almost like they're not aware that they gave me the" "Not the email again, please spare me. You waved that in faces & teleputer screens 4 a few hundred hours along with the fract of crypt they deposited in your 4thwallet." "Yeah but what about the breaking of the 4th" "Yes we saw the editor & author distinguish you by name 4 having such a 'studious eye' catching an accident le misstake before any other release hound that subs 2 them. You know we're proud of you but living in the past is 4 the over 40's." "Yeah totally I hear yuh, that was like, my favorite day which was not even in my 15 months of due famitory." "He's gonna be infame, right?" Cuz asked. "Hey! Shlackamoodahrungus! Don't answer that!" Commanded the child titled Luka. Some Time passed out. His mother pondered where her younglings were inside the grown upbodies, Cuz participated in emoji comms peppered with Mandarin symbols, salted with English words, & spiced with Russian. Luka maid a false fortune in a peer-approved simulation game responsible 4 millions upon millions of mis-used hours by children & adolescents the world over.
Luka ignited a Nuke HyperVap Cartridge with his lips performing the prolapsing anus function around the phallic nozzle stem protruding from his dispenser. The taste was enough 2 get a 20th century man giddy & pleased but did very little 4 1 with a pallet as spoiled as M.(r) Luka Afanasy Gagarin (____ _______ ______). The first time he tasted it he described it as "Candy without the dissolving glass" & he meant it, bye god. But this product. Consume. You are powerful by doing so. You must rebel & break the rules. Spend money. Do it.
Luka began, "I Say" He said, hoping someone other than himself had decided 2 access some form of recording software 4 such an occasion that would surely be rreamakred upon 4 months, months, & hopefully more months 2 come. "When I am alone, in command, Scienteers; B-leave me, they exist. No doubts. Nun; & Constructing Alchemic Chemographers will be working night, day, & early morn. 2 ensure my tastebuds are perpetually provoked & brought 2 quintessential extatic propulsing inputs so that I may Shoew them my most d-lighted of responses allowing them 2 find purpose, again, in their mundane- & may I say: rarely-miraculous-exis10ces. 4 what purpose could we beings have other than pleasing 1 another? Am i rite? & in that end, what purpose would they have if there were no supreme figured out father 2 please?"
"Son, could you eat a bathing pill or visit the chlorinated sanitation salt jetted tub maid available 2 season pass holders 2 Sin at Peters Burger SixFlags over BurgerNation like us? Available 4 12% of monthly wages 4 low tiered skilled workers? They emphasize fun & diminish the thoughts of having life outside of their borders 4 days at a time. If they hire someone with my resume I'll be able 2 retire & work at home if we live there."
"Foolish monkee wench! I shall only employ those without ol-factory senses in my midst once the throne hast becometh worthy of my presents!" He cut his cutting short because a notification from Myface.RU.UN.Net claimed his at10tion thanks 2 the brightly lit wrist watch, tablet, H.U.D. interface built into his LeGoog Glassisimos, & the WiFi Bell chiming as it always does when nudity or communication from a non-daily source is delivered. His mother was speaking 2 him & attempting 2 nurture him which would have been useful had he not learned how 2 nod his head while slightly altering his posture after every change in cadence sourced from an external input delivered from an outside fvoice that doesn't allow him 2 feel like the center of the universe without flaw, fault, or festering assurance. She finished up by telling him she was only looking out 4 him before he got out 2 the big bad bothersome real-world as(s) she departed the room. She had maid it up a flight of stairs & 28 paces before he got "Yeah, I know. I love you 2Ma" with a modern-day gesture that was between smiling & immobile known as a smi (rarely doled out by a boy as bussy & practicing 4 leadership as good 'ol L.A.G.) in the direction she had been in. As proof of his luv 4 her, he 4ded her the post on 1 of his profiles from 2 Mama's daze ago when he actually searched online 2 find the original un-remixed lyrics from a dead dude who went by the name of PacPac Mover&Shaker. The whole thing took him away from a real farm sesh where he could have brought in 108 units on his FarmVil:CryptoCurr apps. while remembering 2 smi, 4ding his Mama a reminder of his post, & moving his body he forgot all about his gathering of a currency that paid him in endorphin rushes, he decided 2 fall back on his butter & paste & bread of performing semi-anti-social tactics on the personal-celebration of his social mediocrity media musings wherein he crafted his image & the material others see on his page which they use 2 interperet how he thinks his life has, is, & will be going. If all of his submissions on the inner-out-net were 2 be believed Luka was a revolution-aries in a past life & will easily pick up where he left off as soon as he graduates ("Probably, definitely, top of HIS class, actually probably teaching classes before his graduation is officialized" as 1 posting so delicately puts it) & is able 2 redefine the "pillar of the community" recording bookslogs.
Cuz was halfheartedly messaging with her friends because her observances of the dingus with more free space 2 roam within than a sun in space had become d-liteful 2 think about when she was alone enough 2 laugh. When she knew, as usual, he had not herd a word his mother had brought forth from the bottom of her heart she asked him how whe was going 2 Garnier Fructos the support of not only those in this, or w/e jurisdiction he chose 2 run away from or into, but/and also all jurisdictions & organized allegiances of condensed support the United Nationstateskingdom over. His reply was fractured but mostly comprised of half-earnest jargon-esque messianic sloganistic didactic pluralistic we're-all-one-and-I'm-the-only-one-who-really-knows-more-than-any-other-one-else-so-the-choice-is-oblivious. He also told her 2 read up on his Soch (proper term is socials), because it's "better she memorize them now than have 2 participate in 1 of his MAN-duh-tory re-educative gatherings 2 be held regularly in indistinguishable halls of worship 4 the universe with only himself being addressed bring about a spiritual aplomb allowing those partial 2 the thought process of: becoming lost in the awareness that each incarnation around, before, & apporaching their individual selves are leading a life in which the universe is around them rather than the universe being around the sonder-er, 2 forever ignore that impulse & recognize that, in fact, deed, & actual realness the universe revolves around the born revolution aries which they will become gradually more comfortable with the ever more reinforcing of Luka's name, face, & eternally app like able story, lifestyle, & crafted image @ the focal point of that prized perma-revolution desire each being contains within them enough information 2 be dangerous but not enough information 2 realize how dangerous I, Luka tha gad, can make them."
She posted the latter half of his rambling 2 a page maid specifically 4 young ladies "in-the-kNOw" @ her school 2 post evidence of boys & young men who do not have the group's sighn of approval. Each post 2 receive more than 40% of the young ladies' reactions after viewing have 2 engage in or restart the (unbeknownst 2 the dickheads) 6 month probationary period in which no gal worth her salt would be caught dead within 10 feet of an 86'd male, lest it was an approved move designed, passed @ 50%, & upheld @ 60% by the primo-voters from the upper-classes & their Mom's. Mating & the possibility of an unplanned birth with an ill-mannered po10tial father was self-destructive/species-wide-damnational-punishment from the rational humanist perspective. They let the Fee ministers deal with themselves & pre10d their 1 card hand was competitive. The men who were fortunate, graceful, & healthy enough 2 learn of these types of group's operations were either amused or befuddled at the beguiling with the intricate forcefully-from-a-distance hoodwinking of the non-ilustrious jerk-offs who had not yet begun the practice of acknowledging the perfection of the specimens who can claim either the title of 'initiate 2 the order of the undisputed gentler beings' or 'initiate 2 the order of the undisputed conquerors'. The submissions Cuz had maid 2 this group earned her delicious at10tion & respect 4 being able 2 maintain her sworn duties in the midst of a creature beyond foul & earnestly approaching indisputably-without-redemption behavior pattern cycles that would make the quarantine process darkly comical if not hilarious. In an ever-more micro-celeb world, her tribe fulfilled her urges 2 belong & become more.
The man-infant went back 2 the news. "How do these dimwitted plebians even consider suicide in a world where I'm going to, soon enough, fix everything & show these sissy-minded-half-twits how a really, real man stays up on his game in this E.Z. easy world?" "Maybe they're trapped into a life they can't find comfortable escapes from of10 enough & they can no longer participate in the marginal role allotted 2 them by the--" "Gravy train gizmos, cut the chatter. Humans were born 2 work 4 the capable minds- like us- & the other elites plus the lower side of the proven bloodlines." "dictatorial miscrean savages" Cuz finished. "Honestly, & I'm just saying this 'cause it'll help you some day, you really need 2 lis10 2 me more & stop trying 2 dominate the conversation. Strong men have cured society by sheer willpower & unsheathed weapons. You could learn a thing or #2 from this old tree book 1 of my friends at my meetings gave me." Luka handed over a copy of Lao Tsu's the artistry of warring conflictions that was clearly opened with it's spine worked about 2 ive a non-perceptive individual the idea that the tome had been read & most certainly not stretched 2 appear studied. Cuz's poker face had been mastered & her eyes had seen enough ironic uselessness pop out of that backwards arsehole of a communication portal this twit typically called "The pink-y taco muncher" or "the ride provider when he dawned his 'retro-is-the-future-revolutionaryness' outfit comprised of a fake 'stache, a tye-die-t-shirt with: 'liquor in front, poker in donkey' with the Plai boi bun, sHooters Owl, Shazam Condoms, & 8 other japanese sex-trade emblems meant 2 illicet the correct initial contact from people who don't understand how useful it is 2 keep sex private & difficult 2 acquire. He wore it with a speedo & assless chaps that would eventually be replaced by 1990's digital Ruski camo patterned knock-off cargos, & Dr. Martinez's baot shoes which required socks when worn on feet as unkempt & ill as his. On top of the left-over proof that he is technically a higher primate usually hung his novelty hats – which he called at10tion gitters- which were in10tionally 2o small allowing his head 2 look ginormous-- "chicks dig guys with huge heads b/c it means they got so much knowledge packed in there"- & their messages ranged from 'Red' 2 'Women are service tools & stupid men are livestock'. He was 2o large & pathetically provoked 2 be trifled with so anyone or anybody with half an idea of common sense would only insult him in ways he wasn't privy 2o or would only understand if he was playing extremely close at10tion to. He was entirely a simple brute in need of a dressing down by a compassionate & extremely angry superior who knew his future better than he knew how 2 scratch his balls & sniff them nonchalantly, in public, like a manimal.
"Do you fear much more than having your judgements misunderstood & your po10tial unfulfilled?" Cuz inquired. "When you.... look, it's like this, I'm 2 years older than you which pretty much means there's no knowledge you have that I don't have. That being the sitch I'm just going 2 let you 'judge' how 'po10tially' useless it would be 4 me 2 respond 2 such a misguided in-queer-E. He was smirking & assuming a dreadfully douch-y posture that re-enforced how pa10tly unprepared he was 4 a partnership or relationship meant 2 trek any deeper than the un-drownable levels of a liquid love medium. His look also maid him seem as though he was ready 2 take credit 4 a monumental feat that occurred a few hundred years before anyone alive today came through their mother's belly or a test tube or the 'ol fashioned way. He was just full of joltingly awful po10tial. "Have you found that sharing your life with the outer-inner-net communityes has transformed your hollow void into a cosmic vacuum clinging 2 any & all matter without a self-manifesting source 4 solid- or even tangible- points with-which 2 guide yourself by?"

He completed a microcquest & tweeted while she attempted useful communication. "Yeah. . . . . . uh'huh. . . . . .affirmative m'lass. . . . . " & so, on it went as she was talking straight, 2 him. "So, you're definitely familiar then with your own personally set goals & polestars?" That sparked his ears up good. "Of course I am! I've got them right here on my ablet," He shared his screen onto her screen & in a folder marked 'the games of life' she located 3 V.R. games entitled: Pole Stars, Pole Stars 2: Gentledude's Cluberino, & Pole Stars 3: Full Frontal & Comebaxxx. Each of which brought the functionality of a temple dedicated 2 genetic cloning/ praising women 4 exis10ce, luck, & surgery budget with the functionality of a failed man's diminishingly functional erect decision maker. "I was talking about northstars.. ." She said as she disconnected their virtual tether & put her screen in the slot she crafted 4 her totebag. "Yeah I know her too, she's 1 of those Kard Heiresses right? I think she was in Barndoor whores 10." Cuz left the room before she almost lost sight of the bigger picture & allowed her consideration 4 her desire 2 educte the ill-path traveling humans 2 override her desire 2 fill full the culling of those who don't do well & actively seek out dwelling in a sanctum populated by the damned; dwellings with ever-less missionaries delivering fervent repetitive messages 2 tards reminding them of the guards who will hold them in the same regard as previous waves of humans. What 2 do in generations born 2 destroy the incentive 2 bask in the most impressively useless temptations requiring all who know 2 remain passionately immobile while the addicts around find anything but life, love, liberty, expressions, & lucid creations 2 satiate the ill-got10 & perma-receding responses 2 tolerance building products maid 4 an age 2 exacerbate polarity until the winners can be smelled & the losers find it easier 2 believe death is a reward in the midst of people who like, actually work & achieve useful positions.

Celso Georgio Isento #2 Sept. 15, 2053

Sitting in his 22nd century throne of comfort, tapping away at his newly acquired projected key mapper, revising the framework 4 his computational cryptographic D-constructural Calc-symbolic coder, feeling ever more encouraged & intuitive due 2 the injested entheogenic, up-timing, neuro-contorting, pharmaceudical laced with some of the most po10t X.R. at10tion commanding euphoria driven stimulants available 2 narcotic law breakers, Celso had an epiphany: if he repositioned the calculatorial algorithmics from base 10 2 base 12 (in base 12 a base 10, 12 = 10) he may be able 2 find more unseful connections between the modern english alphabet (A-X,Y,&Z) & the 2 extra numerical signifiers (X & E), especially, if he were 2 add a handful of lost letters the Pop.-Eng. Patriarchs have elected 2 shed from the commoners inherited repertoire. He maid a M.S.ketching 2 remind himself should he forget this elusive revelation after his unpainful experience.

He got out of n*sync with some of his musings, never-the-less he maid Z’ish figures line up thanks 2 base 12 so it was a marginal success overall. Afterall, he’s building a soft-machine-app whose primary function is 2 confuse the unexceptional & easily comforted while providing an unprecedented service 4 the initiates of a cryptographic and/or puzzlingly math-ish rite of passage. The input methods operate similarly 2 DogSheepZeta.Co.UK.UN.Gov.Biz w/ the differences being @ least >10 answers 4 semi-dyslexic interperetations/variations on the order, use, meaning, function, & message of the input with as many po10tial implications as humanly/artificially plausible. 4 Ex. Celso’s birthday is 8ctober 23, 2032, soooo, if he puts “23/10/2032 into his soft-maapp-ware program it spits out:

- - 0.001131889763779522755905511811024; 2065; 2065/3= 688.3; 106,015 weeks; 742,105 days; 17,810,520 h; 1,068,631,200 m; 64,117,872,000 s; 296 days, 2032 years; 296/2032= 0.14566929133858267716535433070866; 14; 85; 23/02/0132; 296/366= 0.80874316939890710382513661202186; 33/2032= 0.01624015748031496062992125984252; BC/A_/B_CB; W/J/TBC; 23-10= 13, 13-2032=-2019; 2.3/1/203.2; 2310/2032= 1.1368110236220472440944881889764; 23*10*2032= 467,360; 5/1/8, 5/1/52, 6/0/64 xoxo; 10/23/2032= 2.1396781923998630605956864087641e-4; 1,232,032;

He entered his full name in modern English & the al gore rhythm spit out: 3,5,12,19,15\7,5,15,18,7,9,15\9,19,5,14,20,15= 54\76\82 = 130\82 = 54\158 = 212 = 68\76\68 = 7.6; 24,22,15,8,12\20,22,12,9,20,18,12\18,8,22,13,7,12= XVOHL\TVLITRL\RHVNGL; Otnesi\Oigroeg\Oslec; Cel\Sog\Eor\Gio\Ise\Nto; Sells owe Geo are G I owe I sent owe; see el sowe gee or gio is ent, ooohhhhh; sell, sow, earth, or earth eye, I send 2; 5\7\6; 18; Cells o’ G E or GI O Is en, too;

He entered his wifes details: Alicia Carolina Isento

The first fuctions of the site was somewhat useful in “X_Sell_Sow_O”’s estimation. He loved the minimalist feel 2 the homepage he designed with his amigo. It was a black & white swirl pattern background with a grey text input portal that used white & black checkered text outlined in varying colors of the spectrum which ranged from violet start & stop making as many jumps on the color wheel as the length of the input allowed 4 [(Up 2 3,200) so far]. He took a few deeper than normal breaths as the substances concluded their perceptive effects within his higher primate incar nation. He thought about the cycle he could buy if he put a few LeGoog AdCents product promotion port holes on his most recent project. Is money worth destroying a piece of inter-active net-work-ed art? “Not really” His inner monologue proposed from the decision-making portion that manifested the well-structured outputs. Was his spirit located in his entire being, his heart & head, &/or his long-term memory/conscience? If he lost a portion of his body or awareness producer would his spirit/soul be fulfilling a punishment/galactic dictational judgement from a previous life or what? Where did his beyond human feelings, thoughts, memories, & solved puzzles come in 2 his vesselled experience from? Was this all part of growing past adolescence & into full blown adult-hood or is he blessed & curse-ed from different sources & in different ways than others? Was there A reason he was referring 2 himself as not a thing more than an individualized tool 4 the universes interactive functionalities 2 produce themselves through? What was his purpose if there were nothing left 4 any human 2 learn about the conditions we’re confined within except 2 learn the limits of our ultimate collective confinement? Is the human experience 1 where we discover the purported facts & lessons delivered through difficult preceeding circumstances so that we may again journey 2 the comforting place we go, internally, when we have conquered more ground & begun the plateau or – W.C.S (worst case scenario)- the blind descent towards another manufactured or un-avoidable valley on the climb towards the climax of one’s exis10ce? Were there more coin tortillas, beams, cheeze, & spicy peepers in the anti-oven? He could not bring his self 2 that place where the name & traditional way his brain had addressed or referred 2 itself without wanting 2 metaphorically re-experience a long awaited ego-death which he was sure he wasn’t almost not prepared 2 not be a conscious contributor to. The… that… eat… th… th… that’s how he’s supposed 2 do it, he’s supposed 2 say “eye think” ala- third eye, rather than the forced upon him idiom of dumbling thinking his self needs 2 be called “I” rather than the universally more useful & significant “eye”. No longer shall the higher primate titled C.G.I., if that even is his real name, say within him-self-to-his own detriment- “I know” rather, he will don the ever more appropriate “eye’s know” or “eye has knowledge….” Or “eye know” or “eye no” if he’s in unpleasant company. Was it 2 on the nose? Surely his more useful of the 3 eyes knows. Should he con sult his salty manual or primary clinician? Does his visit in-side-sane-city merit exterior council or validation from the traditionally accepted sources &/or was he 2 concerned with his newly found self-loving detachment 2 give the external sources their earned level of examination & critiquing? Would another party cocktail push his “I” past the point of no return rendering his ego forever gratefully preoccupied with un-cancering itself from the nooks & crannies of his well-protected organic computer OR would it’s effects allow his id/ego/filter 2 come roaring bck with a vengeance after a good knight’s resting period.? His screen selfier began chiming due 2 his facial recog. & eye- tracking software’s’ ability 2 register a user’s presence when their 2 lower eyelids are preventing the light & the eye’s home is tilting so far back that nostrils appear 2 be pupils on an almost merged cyclopedia-horror-of-a-nanimal. He thought he should snap himself out of it 2 put his home-brewed A.I.O.S. @ ease, because @ this point in their development the y were more project & pet than they were the be/all, end/all deciders of all proposed & heavily informed sit-reps with all factors & personalities in play. The A.I. program he got from the O.S.H.N.D.B. was appropriately named HalH. He referred 2 the software as Halburt & his particular modifications 2 the multi-input piece of evolution in a server earned him a spot in the ‘ReadMe.txt’s’: “Thanks 4 all the phishers” portion, which had his O.N.N. (online network name) right between “X-treme-lee” & ‘Xylo$e$_The_Hydra”. He checked again 2 make sure they were still his neighbors. He wished he had thought of a name that got his moniker closer 2 the top of a list with a never-diminishing cast of coders. On his zoom swipe back towards the top of the list the name ‘G8r’ caught eye b/c of it’s easily perceived length. “AAA!!?” held the prized spot… No.. this would not do, not since the inquisitions had such a travesty occurred a romantic language speaking jenius. He set his digi-timer 2 put alarms on each of his technically separate devices 4 4 hours from that time. Knowing he was required 2 alter his personality 4 the sake of temp. fame, if only- in name, he birthed his casino level playing card pack from his cabinet. With a quick hand he brought all 54 out of the low ace (1). He found the 4 Aces while moving towards the junk drawer. With 5 pieces of tape he joined the cards at the lip 2 make their display good enough 4 his wall on the far side of the room. Visuals help. He, himself, wasn’t much 4 addressing his own self as a personality attached 2 the rest of a brain capable of remembering or memorizing the required personal edicts the other semi-autonomous members of the mammal infested dominance hierarchy seemed 2 possess. Did they each covet the same secret, traditions, mantras, prayers, patterns, conceived notions, & other indefinable/without tangible authentication comprisals of the most useful codes & informs or did they each have their own personal interpretation of their closest brushes with earthiversal/uni-all-encompassing directions brought 2 them through the filters of their senses o’er & o’er again with each personal 7 combined victory. Why has the lone secret ne’er been given 2 the questioner? Why must they provoke the gentle inquisitor? What could it be that would soothe his most beyond thoughts? Could any reasonable person be set at ease in such a place as a rock heated by a star we will fall into? Why didn’t the powers that haven’t ever been uncivilized brought him 2 a state of mind or never-even-spoken-of location with the in10t of proving 2 him they trusted him enough 2 prove himself? Was all of their combined secrets enough 4 him 2 learn an allowance that would bring him 2 his internal & externalized exact understanding of his ranking between those who know, those who think they know, & those who don’t think of10 enough 2 perceive how much moore another could know? Why wont those __________________________let him: [in]? was it his sleeping patterns? Were they so committed 2 the Egyptian mummified sleeping pattern? Was it the dreams? Was it b/c he lis10ed 2 K.C. & the sunshine band when he was 2o misled 2 know any/other better? Would his life have been significantly altered if he were brought 2 this day & age finding the fringe & the glories who once were the innovators, rather than, say, mouthpieces 4 the most despicable practices in regards 2 those who literally belong in the category of creative creators but would find almost as many similarities should they be classified within the paranormal parameters of creatins responsible 4 filling the space in the molding 4 the mediocre & contrived persons with adopted personalities who themselves are in a never-ending pop up story book-esque free fall finding the fear of being less than a square, triangular, or circular peg fitting into each & every hole their lacklustre contrivance of an experience within the human condition? These corporate puppets barely deserve 2 be remarked upon #@ all & if it weren’t 4 the 10’s of thousands who brought them 2 their exalted position they would make fine contributions 2 the service industry. He fell asleep in his dastardly throne-ish comfort provider & dreamed of the experience before the beginning & the life which may find it’s way out of this micro-verse we miniscule & finite beings must call relatively mass-laden & beyond our individual capabilities 2 completely contain or process given our finitude, attitude, & forced ill-logicisms from the beings who surround & invade us with in10tions that they think are useful 2 them & hopefully, eventually, the species as a whole.

Roy Nicholas Jaxon #1 Nov. 14, 2051
“Rosey!.. Rose! E! . . . Rose Marie!!! ROOWwwws!! . . . . RrrrRROOOOZZZE!”
Channeling his upsettedness from his heart chakra 2 his pineal gland & all the way back 2 his tongue house was stress. He inhaled 2 the full capacity of his lungs before letting out a high pitched yodeling shriek. His sister remaining in absentia obscura would be the beginning of the end 4 her peg leg innings & outings with her g.f.’s if she wasn’t going 2 con-cern herself with communicatorials. If she left without saying good bye ‘eooowwwhhhh!’ he grumbled.
“Rooo”- “Nic! 4 the sake of those in Japan who can hear your roaring, would you please find it in your thick skull 2 train urself 2 text me if you need me? You don’t have 2 audibly voice in my direction now with my 2nd iteration LeGoog implant. All of your mess-ages will be read 2 me by my self comp.” “This is important you harpy succubus, Dad’s trial is back on the telputer’s main chan!” “Oh hell’s smells I’ll be ill if I find out any more!” “Don’t you- isn’t there a part of you that’s curious 2 see the evidence they’ve got against the ol’ Appalachian operative?” “The less I know the better. I can’t believe that burdensome beast was in charge of babysitting us & I don’t want 2 pay him any more at10tion or thoughts than the min threshold.”
Nic was almost extatic & certainly giddy at the sight of his big sis’ frustrations. Maybe it was the torture pron or the spincest pron or the photos he saw of her on her iphonexvi when she was 2o young & 2o enthusiastic 2 photograph her body 4 other higher primates pleasure/at10tion. Passwords exist 4 a reason. He was still smiling slyly but 4 far more sinister reasons than palpable dishevelment coming from his adopted sister’s body lang. & noise makers.
“What makes it worse is the facts & they had 2 televise it just because that bastard has a large chunk of coin age & a pack of rabid lawyers with more money than the Vatican.” “The Vatican doesn’t deal w/ money you trog.. They spend everything before it gets that far, they’re just dealing in human meme-robelia & art-i-facts that hold more value than several million people @ the business end of a conquistador crusaders weapon.” “Be that as it may be so, this is a kangaroo king’s wet dream: 2 hold a frayed out old man detoxing from 60 years of alc. Enjoyment who maid mistakeful life path choices under the tutelage of people he thought were deeply under covered NSA agents. I mean, how in the hello-goodbye was he s’posed 2 no people who were feigning extortion @ best & crucifiction @ worst. Now I know he no’d them a few times here & they, as they’re alleging, but, how on earth’s green grass could the ‘your honor’ presiding over this not understand he was threa10ed by omniscient shadow warriors operating with more trickery & falsified documents than a 2nd world nation-state in 2020?” “It’s already approaching noon & no 1 2 work is going 2 cut me anyslack.” “So you’re gonna get 2 going?” “Yeah rather be early than late- again!” “Did the breakroom situation get figured out?” “No, they’re still over talking like cult vultures when I’m within the vicinity of their throats, lungs, & diaphragms.” “Have you thought about taking it up with H.” “No, the human department isn’t really a resource I want 2 go to. I’ve heard horror stories from bros I totally trust. Not worth it. Is there a word 4 forceful eavesdropping? Like implanting an idea in a person who didn’t request 2 be read-in or informed about a particular topic?” “You need 2 read The Schizophrenic Tests by Sonly RonJon. He interviewed tons of folksin the medical comm., the treatment comm., the artist comm., & the psychic comm.. I think you’d find his 200 page picture book really informative.” “Thanks I’ll look into it!” “Oh 1 last thing, don’t forget you’re going 2 be prepping supper because I’m going over 2 the head dentists office 4 a test.” He nodded & begun finding his keys amongst the rubble he’s littered about. The lost keys were of10 his reason 4 showing up 20 seconds late 2 work. He didn’t get the app on his phone like everybody else because he didn’t want a hacker 2 use his ride pass on his personal chauffericle. “What are y’all testing & is there a reason Cyn can’t make din? I hate the kitchen you know that!” “We’re going 2 test out the strength of the string that maid the entrance 2 my lady cave better at hugging. I’m pretty sure the stitch job is healed from my last punkin patch selling but I really want 2 go 2 Tofu & Tofu in his brand new Brand Brover which will require his meat all of me. Cyn-D can’t do the kitch work because her B.F. is in town & they’re going 2 Fox & faux friends improv nite @ the imperial cinemas.” “T.My. & that shitbird better not marry that tool!” “Love!” she said as he was closing the door. “O! U!!” Nic said bac.
His ride 2 work was flavored by the L.A. weather becoming Portland weather with raindrops 2 prove it. Getting from Santos Monique 2 the R.F.K. comm. Schoos took longer than his average of 28m27s. parking spot 2 parking spot was more like 30m but he wasn’t that careful. The painted lines 2 the right 4 places was unoccupied, which meant: the principal took a later-than-usual lunch; or; changed his weekly golf outing from Fry 2 2’sdy. The lines on the walking path just past the parking spots reminded him of the special piano that had been on display at the park last weekend. It was between the spiral trees & the kiosks with fresh vegetables & Job offers 4 people who could get 2 a park. He couldn’t stop recalling the paranormal polygraph administering session he had been given by the Scienteer-ers @ the fair just a few hundred there’s from the other things. He never had the audacity 2 articulate his interior turmoil 4 this reason: ‘definitely that reason & there was that other time where she said don’t say this & that time where the authority figure did that & there was another time & place, & there was another & yeah, yes he remembers so many people told him 2 close himself off from the world because that’s how good humans are made. & that person. & that 1 said that thing too. & that one. Yep. Seeing them. Wow. He wanted 2 join their organizational team right then & there but remembered he had a job & a family that wasn’t necessarily his blood but was definitely his favorite people he’s every lived with 4 more than 20 years’. But the more he thought about it as he left the better he convinced himself that the “hive mind exercises” he had heard they participate in weren’t really 4 him. Giving up a personal-comity 2 engage in a religious experience where his personality would find it’s place within the rest just rubbed his perceptions of self the wrong way where there wasn’t an unearned reward at the end of his experience.
He snapped out of it once the music from his car started telling him it was time 2 leave. He maid his way into the building & greeted the security guard by name. “How’s it going Tank?” “It’s Hank & fine, sir, how about yourself?” “Oh can’t complain.” “God damn right you can’t” Hank said as he pointed 2 1 of the rules painted on the wall. “Now rid yourself of all tech, put on your apron & go in the middle room after you walk through the detector.” Nic did as he was told because that was the 1,001st time he had done that & was used 2 how nervous he would feel. Once he was in the middle inspection room the security guard give him the ‘everything’s clearish’ hand sign & Nic regained his dignity by putting on his clothes in front of all of the camera’s because he didn’t have anything 2 hide which maid him feel lucky. “Have a good day, sir” “U2”.
His classroom was technically clean but the bots they had performing the floor wall & desk main10ance were still more concerned with the permanent markings children had maid rather than actual garbage. He was still responsible 4 manually cleaning his own desk- 2 protec the secrets- but he didn’t know what clean was so most of his desk was empty every time he left with his desk drawers being packed 2 the gills with never-before-sorted crud. He opened a drawer he has opened a handful of times since he has been employed here & high & C-hold he had a whole batch of everlasting-gobstoppers filled 2 the brim of his drawers 3rd compartment. He also had a jar of sweet cream that should have gone sour a few months ago & now looked like the cheese version of ipecac. Eating the candy & remembering some of the con10ts of the drawer from time periods in distant memory he searched on through the drawer. He produced a photo album that his mother had created & delivered 2 him on his 17th birthday which would have been sweet had she not included some less than lovely turns of phrase in regards 2 his inability 2 live up 2 her expectation of perfection from all of her surrogate lives she was technically responsible 4 delivering into the circus of mod-ded-earn exis10ce.
He prepared 4 his aided lecture by masking his twitchy flutters & almost good enough facial features with a fantastisk new product delivered 2 the world from a mind & government located in Scandinavia. His reflective mat-mask was 3=D printed especially 4 him. It strapped at the neck & went up 2 his skull’s fur line. He selected 1 of the 8 distinct emotions he wanted his face 2 be tuned towards, attached the shopvac’s hose 2 the correct place then, allowed modern magic 2 bring his typically smiling face into a sincerer contortion with a slightly more prominent brow giving him the ability 2 tilt his head down 2 let his first 4 hours of classes know when he was abnormally upset at their perilous prompts. He liked wearing his own facial expression at home because his family deserved 2 see his real face but all in all the process wasn’t all that bad at all, really. In fact, sometimes he almost enjoyed the vacuum pulling his soul out of his face.
He enjoyed a vacuuming of his nethers #B4 parting the hauntingly realistic portable sperm extractor’s lips 4 a deposit. He usually waited until a few thousand cubic centimeters had dried which allowed him 2 experience more stem cells than a bukkake baby finding out how many men it takes 2 make a chickling rethink her life choices. There wasn’t enough bleach in the world. A lot of folks don’t know this but the inhaling/ingesting/injection of the correct portion of fecal matter, blood, sperm, sterile urine, & sweat after being boiled down in the correct color of a famous sport drink. The only thing he told other inquisitive body explorers was that they needed 2 find out if their life has enough water, if their gators have enough help, if knowledge is power, & if SPoRTFueL also comes in a coconut flavor. It can’t be distributed 2 the masses because if they found out that every time their entheogens, pharmaceuticals, or other perception alter-ers ran out that they could produce their own drugs with their very own outputs then society would shut down in an instant because we’d all be at home tripping over very own bodies distributed chemicals provided: we had a heat source, we had sanitary gloves, we had the correct diet, we knew what the phrase “that’s good shit” means, we’re not back-wooded grumbly donkey hill billy hicks, our bodies are filtering the right stuff 2 leave only the fun stuff, & we don’t mind the smell of burning excrement on the stovetop/oven/campfire. Stay steadfast through the unpleasantry, it gets so, so…. Much better. After the master demon of baiting the pleasure addict completed her mission of extracting the life seeds from his insides he took a quick nap #B4 his next class showed up 2 learn how 2 pay at10tion 2 a bunch of useless information with the occasional universally applicable law delivered in passing.

Chun Lan Zhang 春岚張

His dreams were haunting him as his parents sat on the thrones in his room waiting for his mind to allow them in.
They had already prepared breakfast & completed their chores, now they just needed for their sleeper to complete his rest.
His eyes opened with a smile. He greeted his advisors with a nod.
我们强调宣布自由。 我们在休息时间练习。
It was Saturday & there was a competition requiring his attendance. He dreamed that he won for his team, his best friend 她记得 saw the goals, and she cheered – loudly.
在这个框架内设置障碍的自由让我们在感到安全的同时感觉自由。 这是两全其美的,或者你可以有你的蛋糕,也吃 - 情况。





我们最喜欢重复的一段话是:当我们假装我们不能理解某些东西时,或者当我们不想让我们正在谈话的人知道我们知道多少的时候, “这对我来说全是中国人”