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by Bishoptakespawn
2 weeks, 2 days ago

Don't Buy LG TVs

@LGUS I have purchased 2 TVs from LG. The 65SJ8500 and the 65SM9000. Both TVs I've had major issues with, the 65SJ8500 died 2 weeks after the warranty expired and is sitting in my closet now completely dead because of a bad T-con board which can't be replaced unless you replace the whole screen. The 65sm9000's, at the time a $1600 tv, mainboard went bad one week before the warranty expired and I was able to get LG to fix it. However, now the scroll wheel on the mouse literally broke off and fell inside the remote, rendering the remote useless as the wheel also works as the enter button. LG doesn't stock the remotes for sale on their site and reviews on third party sites show that the wheel breaking is a common occurrence that is also happening to the replacement remotes. The wheel is on a cheap plastic rod that is bound to break, such an important piece surely should have warranted a metal rod. Also the fact that each year's magic remote will only work for that year's tvs is ridiculous. Make one universal magic remote that will be kept in stock and works for all of your tvs. If you must buy a tv from this company the extended warranty from whichever third party insurer is available is a must. YOUR TV WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!!! This is the last TV I buy from LG my next TV will be from @samsung #customerservice #LGTV #junk #issues