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by CityVista
on 29/2/20

The angel-messiah of Buddhists, Essenes, and Christians

It can be shown that this new Messianic conception
was introduced into Judaism and into Christianity by the
Essenes or Essai, to whom John the Baptist or Ashai,
the bather, probably belonged, and who are in the
New Testament designated as disciples of John. Jesus
opposed the principal doctrines of John, whom he
designated as not belonging to his kingdom of heaven, or
of the Spirit, which he declared as having already come ;
whilst the disciples of John had not even heard 'whether
there be any Holy Ghost.' The disciples of John the
Baptist or Essene must have expected that the Spirit of
God would be brought from heaven to earth by Him
who should baptise with the Holy Ghost

ESSENES - a monastic order among the Jews prior to Christianity