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by kumari_nidhi
on 25/10/17

ISHA F is CIA's Puppet to De-establise South Asia

Isha Foundation works in tandem with the #ECOSOC Unit (Economic & Social Council) of United Nations. What is #ECOSOC & what is its agenda? CIA has been doing intensive research on the River linking projects of India and how it has the potential to destabilize entire South Asia.
Is it a co-incidence that a CIA officer was spotted riding on the bike behind Sir Jaggi Vasudev? What is CIA's or other globalists/MNCs interest in River linking projects in India?
Did you know the United Nations headquarters in New York City sits on 16 acres of land purchased with an $8 million donation made in 1946 by John D. Rockefeller Jr. one of the controlling families of the East India Companies.