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by gogoniantking1
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Introduce universal basic income (UBI) to specifically support and protect workers in the informal economy and those involved in reproductive work, the care economy and other often unrecognized forms of work:
• Immediately introduce UBI for everyone living in the US, including people with disabilities, undocumented people, and prisoners. UBD to extend to the economics of care and therefore to reproductive labor such as family planning, childbearing and parenting, housework and care work as work.
Ensure access to basic needs, including food, for all:
• Remove work requirements for food stamps, Medicaid, and other government assistance.
• Expand all existing service and support programs for low-income people.
• Support and / or stimulate social safety nets and the economic security of those most in need - from food stamps to housing / housing rentals, unemployment insurance and paid leave, among others - should be publicly available, regardless of immigration status, without imposing immigration fines.
• Cancel student debt.
• Make any financial assistance contingent upon canceling all payments and interest on all credit cards, mortgages, and debts to all financial institutions. This applies to eligible subsidiaries and lenders such as payday loans, mortgage lenders, etc.
• Raise the minimum wage for all frontline workers (that is, those who have the right to work and people who have frequent interactions with people) to at least $ 30 an hour.
• Introduce an exclusive wealth tax to pay for social services and federal investment packages.
• Adopt a Green New Deal promoting comprehensive structural reform towards national resilience to climate change; provide public control over key industries, utilities and natural resources.
• Transfer a US $ 2 trillion federal investment package to working people, small businesses, government and local services.
• Remove the burden of ordinary people to pay interest and payments to financial institutions