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by RBronina
on 31/10/18

In2012 #Hyundai sold electrictrains-killers toUkraine by30%more expensive than analogs in the amount of$340mil.We exposed this scam,but thePROSECUTOR of #SouthKorea against the law of2002while is hiding this scam,also helpsHyundai to hide tax evasion in the budget in $100mil
Using its capabilities an international company, Hyundai is organizing corruption schemes, are based on falsification of preliminary agreements, then bribery of local officials for corrupt change agreements and further obtain illegal income from the budget of the countries.
In South Korea, in 2002, was adopted anti-corruption law, which required meticulously check any reports of corruption. However, the Prosecutor's Office of South Korea, getting on - apparently bribes, does not investigate statement of corruption about crimes Hyundai and helps to Hyundai conceal the fraud abroad and concealment of taxes in the budget of South Korea in the amount of at least $ 100 million.
The scheme of frauds the company of Hyundai in Ukraine.
In 2012 Hyundai Corporation has deceived the Ukrainian government and instead of investing in factory for assembling trains Hyundai in Ukraine has put to Ukraine 10 new trains HRCS2 «Hyundai Rotem», completely made from defective parts. Within 1 year of operation, these trains broke hundreds of times and passengers were forced to walk in the freezing cold of 20 kilometers to be saved from freezing into defective trains Hyundai, that stopped in the steppe.
In 2014, these 10 new trains HRCS2 «Hyundai Rotem» have been completely taken out of service as transportation, life-threatening. Into all trains of the party of Hyundai have been detected cracks of the carcass, which at any moment can create a large-scale catastrophe, and the killing of hundreds of people.
These trains - the killers were sold for Ukraine by 30% more expensive than analogues at the amount of $ 340 million. To achieve the corrupt markup, Hyundai by bribes and fraud inflicted losses to Italian producers( Savigliano) of analogous trains and illegally through bribery eliminated them from the competition. Evidence: Poland and in 2012 purchased 20 high-speed trains class of Pendolino production of concern "Alstom" for 400 million euros.
Still more, Hyundai Corporation in this deal received $ 100 million. illicit profit, but:
-has not paid a cent of compensation not one passenger for breakages in the way
- has not paid a cent of compensation for damages, that new trains worked only one year and then were written off
- the insurance company that has insured this deal, in collusion with the Koreans also has committed fraud - has collected insurance fees and disappeared
To avoid punishment, Hyundai Corporation has entered into an agreement with the Ukrainian state-owned monopoly "Ukrzaliznytsya" and by bribes closed eyes to Ukrainian officials on its crimes. The amount of bribes for the procurement and for the silence was no less than $ 50 million. And now to return the money spent on bribes, Hyundai Corporation has decided to implement additional scheme and:
- again to sell for Ukraine 2 defective train of «Hyundai Rotem»
- again to tender to prevent as Italian, so any other producers
- again with impunity increase the price for trains at $ 50 million