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by btchplzzz
on 5/6/19
Imma take a moment to sound off ONE TIME about this #StraightPride thing so buckle up ladies...

Why are the gays so butt hurt over this? This is the 3rd time someone has tried to organize a straight pride and each time NO ONE SHOWS UP.

Let them have their day of failure for fuck sakes.

And lets be fucking real.... The ONLY reason they're pulling this shit is to GET A NEGATIVE REACTION FROM THE GAY COMMUNITY.

Everytime we post about it we are literally giving them the attention they want.

If no one had reacted to the announcement, it would of already been cancelled/disappeared but because we, the gays, are all in an uproar about it we are fueling THEIR agenda.

We, the community, have bigger more important things to deal with than a fucking loser parade in Boston. #MyTwoCents