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by parmylad
2 weeks, 2 days ago
I'm writing this in response to all my recent tweets I'm really fucking sorry just this week has been so bad for me personally due to being told the course I was doing was to hard for me so I haven't been able to think of much positives there's one I still have my job luckily but that's hanging by a thread right now due to the course not happening because I was getting extra work so something good was happening but then I might have fucked up work as well. I also have my family in the background putting me under some insane amount of pressure with everything I just can't seem to catch a break and react the right way just know I'm normally a good person I would hope that some people see that rather then just seeing a sad person like me I have problems that everyone knows about that I will no longer be tweeting about. To my friends thanks for putting up with me don't know how you do it but thanks. To people that have followed me for a while and haven't un followed thanks I will try to be more postive

Anyway Thanks