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by ChasSellsLofts
on 21/2/18

Dirty Lawyers and the Tricks They Pull

I know that this question seems strange, however, my family members want to get rid of another family member. I have observed a pattern with these relatives that triggers my suspicion. The person was in charge of the family holdings. They sabotaged him to make him look incompetent. They have built a credible case. They staged it and manipulated it all. They are creating a family for this person behind his back. This is all about money and control.They are putting drugs in his food, and that will eventually destroy the memory. He is clueless to what is going on. They have a slew of Dirty lawyers, Dirty Realtors, Dirty Real Estate Developers, & Finally Dirty Money. They use family members that the person has not seen in years or has know idea what they now look like. They then say he does not l know us? This is being done while validating the faux family .They stole his identity, His property, His Money, His life so that they can operate in his name.