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by vincheeeee
on 8/9/19
‪I got mixed feelings about Seoul, SK
‪1. Korean food is super delectable. Lotsa selection and cannot go wrong with spicy🏼🌶
‪2. Big shocker for me is that most places we’ve been are beautiful but the cleanliness is way terrible 🚮
‪3. Korean girls are still hot for me, ever since 2009
‪4. The technology is nothing against Japan’s 🧮
‪5. Korean people are pretty str‬aightforward people, and a little disrespectful for my taste 😐
6. 5 days was enough to visit Seoul. The 7 days we did was too much
7. Would I go back? Not for a loooooong time. Next country please 🤷🏻‍♂️