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by Pavel0pavel0
on 22/10/21
Hello, please read this. My name is Pavel, I'm from Kazakhstan, my family is in a terrible situation, we finally bought our own house on credit 3 years ago, we paid on time, but because of the Pandemic I lost my job. It became difficult to pay off the loan, I had to borrow money to pay off the debt, now I have both a loan and a debt that I am obliged to pay in the shortest possible time. I quit my job and found a more promising one, but I won't be able to pay this amount on time (I understand that it's my own fault). In connection with these circumstances, I dare to ask you for $3,200, since this amount is necessary for me to repay my debt. I understand perfectly well that I am not a person you know. But the fact of humanity and understanding, I hope, can still be in our world! I wrote 1000 personal messages to rich people, but received nothing in response, in an effort to save the house, I started looking for a quick income, but unfortunately I was deceived, that's how trusting I am))) But I am not discouraged, I believe that someone will help me millions of people on earth. I have very few relatives, especially those who can help with such a sum, so I ask you to help me by stepping over your pride, please forgive me if something is wrong, and do not judge me harshly, I am writing this kind of letters for the first time, if you have any questions, please ask, I will tell and show. it's a very difficult situation, it's inconvenient for me to ask, but there is no way out. Sorry for the translation! Since most people are now in the field of cryptocurrencies, I'm throwing off my banking details!!!