02.01.18 [INSTAGRAM] jung_g_o:

Hello, it's G.O.
Happy new year, 2018 is the year of the dog!
This morning, a few welcome names were high on the search rankings. We were planning on personally sharing the news in the near future, so it’s unfortunate that an article was published first, but it’s okay because it’s good news. To be honest, the most unfortunate thing here is my photo that’s being used.
Though I haven’t gained a lot of fame or as much success as I wanted, I’ve gone through a lot of things for over 10 years since my debut in 2007. What I felt most that it’s very difficult to have and keep someone by my side. I felt the pressure to always be someone who is needed in work, love, and friendship, and there were so few people who recognized and accepted me for just who I was.
Time passed in such a way until I met someone when I was at my most ordinary state, and that person was Choi Ye Seul. She is someone who accepted and has been so considerate of so much. I am so happy. I believe that this happiness that I feel will spread to those who love me like a happy virus.
Though I may be an adult now, my mistakes never seem to end. If I am lacking or immature in any way, I hope you will be understanding of me and my actions. Thank you for reading these words. And I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been congratulating us.
Happy New Year and stay healthy!