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by Darklighter43
on 10/9/19


@GetSpectrum I am a long time Spectrum Internet and cable customer as well as 2 lines of Spectrum Mobile and I was contacted by Spectrum saying "Good news! We are the first Internet provider to offer WiFi 6 (802.11AX) with a WiFi 6 router". I called Spectrum and ordered the router and it was to be sent out 9/5 2 day shipping. By Monday I still had not received the WiFi 6 router so I called Spectrum and was told that this order was not a self installed option and a technician would have to come to my place to install it. Fine, I took the day off of work so I could be there for the install. The Technician comes and has no idea what WiFi 6 is and he says he's here to downgrade my internet (WTH)? So I called Spectrum and was told that they didn't have the equipment and I was out of luck. So I'm out $168.56 in lost pay and this whole thing was for nothing. Mind you Spectrum is the one who contacted me and started this whole thing. I spend nearly $300.00 a month with Spectrum and apparently that means nothing to them.Finally I talked to retention to ask if they could do anything since this whole fiasco was initiated by them and I was told no so I said well, how about I upgrade from 400mbps to 1gbps and they waive the install fee, seems fair and I was told no again.The women I talked to did not seem to care if I canceled my service while the whole time I was calm and polite.I'm trying to decide if I want to return their equipment and go back to Verizon. Up until this point I was very happy with Spectrum. My advice is if you don't mind being treated as a number and not a valued customer then use Spectrum, if you want good service and good customer service and support look elsewhere.
A happy camper I am not.