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by Devlin_Gannon
on 10/4/18

FarCry 5 Arcade suggestions

@FarcryGame @Ubisoft Minor suggestions for the Arcade Mode from the eyes of a dedicated user of your Extensive Map Creation tools.
1: Make an option in every game mode to have no time limit. (Looking at deathmatch and team deatchmatch in specific)

2: Allow for map creators to more easily play their own maps by introducing a lobby system in which One Person can start a public lobby in which people who queue into the playlist will be automatically matched with people hosting a public lobby waiting for players. (hopefully the lobby can be server based and not peer to peer for reduced lag)

3: for the current lobby system INCREASE the time given for players to choose their map selections as the current time with loading of map selections factored in players are left with almost no time to choose maps (Let alone try and suggest a map they have created)

4: This is the last thing and its not really needed just a small suggestion, but add a game type or simply an option in the modifier setting for setting an amount of lives for a player. (this will open doors for Life Based deathmatches where when one team is out of lives they lose, and would also allow for battle royal type maps where players have one life. Tie that with the no health regen option and you could really have an awsome battle royal mode.