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by CityVista
on 24/7/16

Ways to detect a pirate false flag operation

False Flag Formula #4: MSM Quickly Name
and Demonize the Patsy #
Have you ever wondered how quickly the
MSM (Mainstream Media) discovers the
name of the patsy? They had somehow
deduced that Osama bin Laden was
responsible for 9/11 just hours after
the attacks. #
Have you ever wondered why the
Government is so good at telling us who
supposedly executed these attacks right
after they happen, with almost no time
to investigate, yet can’t seem to manage
to actually stop these alleged terror
attacks? [,,,] #
Have you ever wondered why many of the
patsies, or sorry, deranged mass
shooters, are Muslim?# That wouldn’t
have anything to do with the fact that
the Zionist Government and MSM are
trying to paint all Muslims as crazy and
scary, would it? #
Nothing like a good dose of Islamophobia
to take your freedom away … #
False Flag Formula #5: Patsy Has No
Military Training, Yet Shoots Extremely
Fast and Accurately [,,,] #
In San Bernardino, we are supposed to
believe that a young mother was strong
and skilled enough to participate in
killing 14 and injuring 17 people while
she was strapped up with body armor and
holding heavy weaponry! [,,,] #
False Flag Formula #6: Patsy Gets
Killed, Drugged or “Suicided"# It is
also part of the false flag formula to
ensure that the patsy, who is earmarked
before the event to take the fall,
cannot speak out to rationally defend
themselves. This is achieved in a number
of ways. #
The simplest is to have the patsy kill
himself or herself by committing