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by gogoniantking1
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Ensure access to housing and utilities for all:
• Introduce a moratorium on mortgage payments and taxes.
• Freeze all rental and utility services.
• Provide vulnerable homeless people, victims of violence and newly released individuals with safe and sanitary housing at the community level. If emergency housing "in isolation and quarantine" is possible, then permanent decent housing for all should be possible.
• Create a housing commission to provide housing for those in need.
• Make any deposits contingent on ensuring that unfilled hotels and private housing units are made available to those in need of housing. Buildings with unoccupied apartments, vacant hotel rooms and unused Airbnb apartments should be vacated to accommodate sick and at-risk groups who do not have access to other private housing.
• Declare a moratorium on the shutdown of utilities and establish a grace period for payments.
• Provide free, safe and affordable family planning, reproductive health and abortion.