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by garellanop
on 23/4/17
El Islam vs cristianos

The only way Islam and Christianity can get along is if most Muslims become secular.

America and Europe need to impose harsh restrictions against Radical Muslims who want to live in these countries and refuse to adopt secularism.

No Muslim nation would tolerate Christians telling them what to do in their nations. Yes, some countries like Indonesia allow other religions to practise, but there is a limit on what they can do. On that note, while many claim Indonesia is radical. Indonesians are some of the most accepting of all Muslims. They are nothing like their hardnosed and hate filled Saudi Brethren. We are talking in general terms as there are decent Saudi’s and crazy radical Indonesian Muslims, but most foreigners are pleasantly shocked when they land in the capital and find out how easy-going Indonesians are.

Europe has been flooded with individuals from the Middle East and North Africa; both areas are home to some of the worst known terrorists, and Radical Islam tends to flourish in these areas. Europe would not have the same level of violence if they invited Indonesians or other moderate Muslims into their countries. However, that is a story for another day. The video below created by a very smart lady who is well versed with Islam and is from the Middle East illustrates the hidden dangers of allowing radical individuals from Africa and the Middle East into Europe and America. As they say, if you don’t learn from History you are doomed to repeat it. We are on our way to the second crusades, and for now, the biggest and most painful battles will be fought in Europe. Europe is now home to some of the most dangerous Islamists the world has ever seen.

The reason we cover a wide swath of topics that on first glance might not appear to be related to the financial markets

The short and straightforward answer is that all these fields are connected; we do not have free market forces anymore. Everything is manipulated; from the food, you eat to data you are provided. If you are aware of this, you can plan accordingly. Identifying the problem is over 80% of the solution, and this is why most people do not know what to do because they do not understand the problem. Now you know why we are the only financial website that covers such a wide array of topics that on the surface appear to be unrelated but are in fact, deeply interwoven. Mass psychology is a very powerful tool, and if employed correctly can help you spot the abnormal levels of manipulation, the masses are subjected to. It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the concept of “ Plato’s allegory of the cave.”

If you seek freedom, the 1st task is to attain financial freedom so that you can break free the clutches of the top players who strive to enslave you. They want you to run in a circle like a hamster that runs on a spinning wheel; the hamster thinks the faster it runs the further it will go, but sadly it is going nowhere.

We teach how to use Mass psychology to your advantage, how to view disasters as opportunities and how not to let the media manipulate you and direct you towards actions that could be detrimental to your overall well-being. Visit the investing for dummies section of our website; it contains a plethora of free resources and covers the most important aspects of mass psychology.

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