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by CityVista
on 26/11/16
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Trump - Will underwold leopard change its spot?

Donald Trump’s early fortune was inherited from his father Fred, who was a developer of military housing during the war years, and middle- class housing in Queens and Brooklyn after World War II. Like his son, Fred had numerous dealings with New York’s organized crime families, according to accounts by Wayne Barrett, who has written extensively about the Trumps. Donald Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, represented Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, the boss of the Genovese organized crime family, and, it is alleged, Trump met with Salerno at Cohn’s Manhattan offices. Salerno’s company, S&A Concrete, was used by Trump in constructing several of his New York City buildings. According to numerous published reports, Trump’s initial project in Atlantic City, the casino which became Trump Plaza, was built on land which Trump bought at twice its market value from Salvatore Testa, a made man in the Philadelphia mafia and son of Philip “Chicken Man” Testa, who briefly headed the Philly mob after Angelo Bruno’s 1980 killing. The casino was built in part by construction companies owned by the Philly mob. 1 Trump also had a close association with Kenneth Shapiro, a banker for the Nicky Scarfo who became head of the Philly mob after Philip Testa was blown up. Recently, Trump has worked to distance himself from Felix Sater, a fraudster with mafia ties who worked with Trump on numerous occasions. Sater’s ties to American and Russian mobsters have been widely reported, as well as his work as a government provocateur and informant. Trump’s campaign manager, until his recent “resignation,” was Roger Stone, described by Trump as a longtime close friend and associate. Stone is a long-standing Republican Party dirty-tricks operative who cut his teeth with Richard Nixon’s CREEP. According to Stone, he has Richard Nixon’s picture tattooed on his back.