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by jeremylr
on 23/2/10
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Craig, I just found this JumboTweet thing where I don't have to condense my words into 140 characters.

I really enjoyed your sitdown with Stephen Fry. I didn't even know who he was, but I do now. Hope you can continue this experiment, perhaps devote a full week to it or maybe once or twice a month.

Yes, it was different without the audience, especially during the opening monologue & 1st few minutes of the interview, but I found it refreshing. Glad to see that I didn't have to be prompted as to when to laugh.

You said you were nervous at the beginning, but I didn't detect that. I enjoy hearing & seeing your serious side. I think the audience brings out all the wackiness, but that's good, too.

In short, seeing the show tonight gave me a lot of food for thought & enjoyment. Several of these moments included the alien looking down at our culture, trolls & the current trend of folks putting down celebrities or anyone when they don't have to reveal their identity on a messageboard, U.S. & UK differences, that 1991 guest spot, & how you really feel at home in America.

Also, thanks for throwing in those little historical facts here & there. Ben Franklin's "join or die" comes to mind.

Perhaps one day I'll run into you. I think we could have a good, long conversation. If I do an article about tonight's show, I'll post the link here on Twitter.

Just as I was about to sign off, I heard the comments about why people say things are worser today compared to the '70s, '60s. Ah, their youth.

Keep up the good work. You bring a lot of joy, humor, & occasional enlightenment to this viewer. 'Til next time,