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by CityVista
on 16/7/16

Trump's rich property protection uses anarchist sham

But not only the anarchists offer us the ‘paradise’ of
collectives. Heribert Barrera — in 1936 a Catalan
Republican, now a deputy in the Cortes - praises them as
“an example of the mixed economy respectful of both
liberty and human initiative” (!!!) while the Trotskyists of
the POUM teach us that “the work of the collectives gave
a deeper character to the Spanish revolution than to the
Russian revolution”. In addition, G. Munis and the
comrades of the FOR invent illusions about the
“revolutionary” and “profound” character of the
For our part, we find ourselves obliged, once again, to be
spoilsports; the 1936 collectives were not a means for the
proletarian revolution, but an instrument of the bourgeois
counter-revolution; they were not the “organization of
the new society”, but the last resort of the old which
defended itself with all its savagery.