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by CityVista
on 20/9/16
Atavists R Us  Manthong
Is it just coincidence that this happened when the
news cycle on the "mistaken" USSA attack on Syrian
army positions was just starting? Notice how now all
the news has shifted to this dumpster explosion -
which, BTW, didn't do much damage and nobody has
claimed responsibility for - because it wasn't meant to
do much damage, just divert attention. Classic
government diversionary tactic (false flag) to take the
heat off the intentional attack on the Syrian army by
the USSA/Israhelli to help their IS minions.
We're reaching the end of the spiral, things will move
We went from every few years, to yearly
then quarterly, then monthly.. weekly, daily.
Trace a spiral down from a fixed point, we've reached
"overlap" right near the center...