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by OfNYITGurl
on 8/2/20

Serena's Return AU Version

As the train pulled up to Grand Central Serena took a big deep breath she had been away, not at a boarding school she knew the stories her mom had told people, the stories to keep the image of her being the perfect mom intact to keep her good in society's eyes so she can keep going to the galas and openings she had been invited to streaming in. She was with her Aunt in Florida trying to move on and work on herself after she had lost her virginity and lost her best friend all in one night. The guy she had lost her virginity to was her best friends boyfriend and even though everyone thought she had lost it sooner because of the crowd she hung out with, she wanted to lose it to someone she had been in love with and she did, but it happened the guy she had been in love with was also her best friends boyfriend since kindergarten. She had started to write many many letters to Blair apologizing for what had happened and while she did know what she did was wrong she couldn't deny her feelings for Nate any longer but had thrown them away, as her Aunt had told her to move on and leave it in the past and let them move on without her, well after awhile of hearing that she had called her mom and begged her mom to bring her back to New York she agreed and promptly sent her a train ticket and enrolled her back in Constance and now here she was getting off the train and heading back to The Plaza where her mom said they had moved all their stuff while the place they lived at, right upstairs from Blair, its how they became best friends in fact, while it was being renovated.