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by BlackStarArrow
on 8/2/20

After Oliver's Death

After Oliver had died and the world was set back to Normal Mia was whisked back to her time and it had been days that had passed since she saw her dad die, well days to her, years to her family, her dad had created this new world in which she had graduated high school gone on to college and graduated from there and now was living with JJ which in the new world her dad helped create he was not the man he was before so somehow he had fixed the whole world with his death. She was laying in bed as JJ had been out at work, he had left early that a.m. and she knew she had to go shopping for this event that was going to be happening soon but she didn't wanna get out of bed, when a woosh of air came into her bedroom and she heard Sara's voice, a voice she didn't wanna hear anytime soon.

After the funeral and meeting her mother, well meeting her before she was older in her world, she had stayed behind to save William and watched Mr. Lance dedicate a statue to her father and wanted to maybe stay a bit longer but decided against it. When she got back to her time she had decided to get back to work on getting her brother back from the fools who had taken her in her time, knowing her dad made an impact on everyone in the past gave her hope, and it gave her hope she was able to save him as a kid.