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by gogoniantking1
3 weeks, 6 days ago
1. Individualism.
2. Self-reliance.
3. Independence and autonomy are values.
4. The individual is responsible for his own destiny.
5. The ideal social unit is the nuclear family according to the formula: father, mother, two, three children.
6. The husband is the breadwinner, the head of the family.
7. The wife is a housewife.
8. Children should have their own rooms and be independent.
9. The presence of objective, rational thinking.
10. Ability to find out causal relationships.
11. Emphasis on the scientific method.
12. The primacy of Western European (Greek, Roman) culture and Judeo-Christian tradition.
13. Protestant work ethic is the key to success.
14. If something didn’t work out, then you didn’t work hard enough to make it work.
15. Christianity is the norm.
16. Time is valuable.
17. Man is manifested in his work.
18. Ability to manage time, plan the future.
19. Ability to postpone the satisfaction of momentary desires for the sake of realizing long-term goals.
20. Competition.
21. Politeness.
22. Restraint.

According to the authors of this course:
- If you possess all these qualities, or at least the majority and at the same time are WHITE, then you are a “hidden racist” and a person who does not realize and does not understand what people of other skin colors feel.
- If you have all these qualities, or at least the majority, but at the same time you are NOT WHITE, then you should realize this and think about the fact that you have been subjected to the corrupting influence of the white dominant culture, and now you have to do something about it.

It should be noted that these are not abstract wishes of little-known authors - the museum has already trained more than 2 thousand teachers for schools in 15 states. And will prepare even more.

Courses on getting rid of cultural whiteness are not limited to schools. The City of Seattle has recently conducted this kind of racially segregated training for its white employees to "get rid of their whiteness."

The tireless New York Times insists that such a valuable experience of "getting rid of the whiteness" be used nationally:
Mr. Biden could name someone like Lonnie Bunch, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and Founding Director of the National African American Museum of History and Culture, to lead such a task force. Representative Bass will be an excellent co-chair, as will Representative Deb Haaland from New Mexico. If Mr. Bunch considers the role of the conflict at this stage, given his position, perhaps former President Barack Obama could take over the original role of chairman. He has a demonstrated sense of history and will give it a special prestige.

In accordance with the definition of racism in politics (as political actions to create, consolidate, expand legal inequality of citizens on racial basis) and in the sphere of ideology (publications and speeches calling for, defending, justifying the policy of legal inequality on racial basis), it should be recognized that systemic racism is indeed gaining momentum in the United States.
Systemic black racism. And systemic anti-white racism.