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by CityVista
on 26/11/19


His father asked for a favour. He wanted the youngest son to study law in Colombo.

So Upali Jayawardena left Matugama and came to stay with us in our house in Wellawatte.

However, he found it difficult to concentrate on law studies. He dropped out to join a band of ex-students who made easy money by selling properties on fraudulent deeds.

My father passed away and then my mother in 1992. Upali remained staying in our house at No.27, 42nd Lane, Wellawatte, on a fraudulent deed.

I went to court but Upali Jayawardena retained eminent lawyers to win upto Supreme Court.
He lodged his fabricated deed in the Land Registry.

The 16.7 perches are estimated to be worth Rs 130 M.

Though with nominal title, he left the house and it has now been empty for several years.
An official with authority can have this spurious document set aside.