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on 23/1/16


@tanehisicoates The Blk American gene pool was damaged by over 300 years of mental/physical insults resulting in many chronic diseases, mental illness & early death. I am witness to the resulting impacts on America across all manner of lines. It's not acknowledge but it's widely known but with out action of policy, law or service beyond prison and the grave.

Black males due to their economic lot and status cast for the most part the role of supporters not as primary protectors, healers, warriors and providers. Few are public authority and power figures beyond church or the military. They channel aggression into sports and the streets not in business where most work as the rank and file not management, into church and at home. In the end the professional is often underpaid, over educated/overly qualified and not often promoted. They shout at church and at times fell depressed at work.

I could go on the subject about Blk women but it remains the same but is more complex. All must live with PTSD, depression and the many chronic illness that insult them and their loved ones and as women they are often the care givers.

In the end Blk Americans continue to suffer with out proper medical care, income relief or service aid due to slavery and racism that damaged their gene pool