Most Recent Jumbotweets recent Jumbotweets on 's JumboTweet Din Ahead ???Achhe Din Ahead ???The Rather Scary Side of the ADHARThe Adhar ,most feel, is about privacy or data security.If it were only this , probably we wouldn’t need to be so worried. But there is a bigger danger -the danger of handing over your complete ‘Being’ in the hands of an ‘Unknown Entity’.How ???.Let’s assume for a moment in what the western media has been propagating for somejumbotweetWed, 08 Nov 2017 15:47:55 -0500kumari_nidhi 's JumboTweet Foundation works in tandem with the #ECOSOC Unit (Economic & Social Council) of United Nations. What is #ECOSOC & what is its agenda? CIA has been doing intensive research on the River linking projects of India and how it has the potential to destabilize entire South Asia. Is it a co-incidence that a CIA officer was spotted riding on the bike behind Sir Jaggi Vasudev? What is CIA's or otherjumbotweetWed, 25 Oct 2017 07:39:29 -0400kumari_nidhi 's JumboTweet standard of BJP,in case of adhaar sc go to hell .in case of rohingya sc is not allowing..These Rohingyas were sent as part of V force sent in world war II to wage guerrilla warfare behind Japanese lines. They skirted clear of the Imperial Japanese army but launched attacks on Buddhist Pagodas , monasteries and villages. That is the root of the current tensions between the twojumbotweetSat, 14 Oct 2017 05:32:19 -0400kumari_nidhi 's JumboTweet"जल्लीकट्टू" परंपरा देशी गौवंश के उन्नत संरक्षण हेतु है. देशी गाय की प्राजतियों में ए-2 प्रोटीन होता है, जो कि माता के दूध के समान है. जल्लीकट्टू का वास्तविक उद्देश्य प्रत्येक गाँव में एक उन्नत प्रजाति के साँड का चुनाव करना है, ताकि गौवंश की उन्नत प्रजाति विकसित होती रहे. इसमें जिस सर्वश्रेष्ठ साँड का चुनाव होता है, उसे कोविल कालाई (मंदिर का साँड) कहते हैं एवं उसका पोषण मंदिरjumbotweetThu, 19 Jan 2017 09:54:02 -0500kumari_nidhi 's JumboTweet, Why the NDA gov is always on in the interest of disinvestment in PSUs?They show nationalism but are also filling pockets of private sector.Now tell me the gov will sold stakes in it and now beml will have to be in open competition with tatas,ashoka leyland,mahindra.This private companies which pay their engineers 8000 to 10000 monthly will have a upper hand in competitive pricing with thejumbotweetSat, 07 Jan 2017 10:14:56 -0500kumari_nidhi 's JumboTweet @PMOWhat is the use of following Taxes other than self-promotion by GOI? -Swacch Bharat Cess, Krishi Kalyan cess, service tax ?सरकार की ताजी लूट का नमूना देखिये:-हेल्थ इंश्योरेंश का बेसिक प्रीमियम - ₹ 6370.00सर्विस टेक्स - ₹ 891.80स्वच्छ भारत सेंस - ₹ 31.85कृषि कल्याण सेंस - ₹ 31.85आपसे या अन्य उपभोक्ता से लिया - ₹ 7325.50अर्थात 955 रूपये 50 नए पैसे आप कोई भी उपभोक्ता देवेगा हीjumbotweetSat, 07 Jan 2017 10:09:21 -0500kumari_nidhi 's JumboTweet, This is not clear that which kind of RIGHT-TO-RECALL are you trying to propose and what will be it's procedure and how it will be executed in this corrupt nation. So this is humble request that you please kindly upload the drafts of the RIGHT-TO-RECALL you will implement in India. .This is another request that you please kindly upload and let public see, all the three private bills youjumbotweetThu, 08 Sep 2016 09:11:27 -0400